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Result: No Conviction
2011CF006214NC (Sarasota)

The Defendant was stopped for traffic infractions. When the Deputy made contact with the Defendant he observed him to have a odor of alcohol, poor balance, bloodshot watery eyes and slurred speech. At this time the Defendant was requested to perform field sobriety tests and began questioning the Deputy as to his reasons for requesting them. A struggle ensued between the Deputy and the Defendant. The Defendant was ultimately arrested and charged with DUI and Felony Battery on a Law Enforcement officer. ┬áThe Defendant was nervous and scared and came to the Law Firm of Finebloom and Haenel for help. Here he met with AnneMarie Rizzo. The State Attorney’s did not want to give their client a deal as the Deputy claimed to have several injuries due to the Defendant’s actions. AnneMarie investigated the case and the Deputy thoroughly. After long fight AnneMarie convinced the Prosecutor to drop the charges of DUI and Battery on a law enforcement officer. Ultimately AnneMarie’s client resolve the case to obstruction of an investigation without violence and did not receive any conviction.

Categories: Felony Battery
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