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3rd time DUI and Battery on Law Enforcement Officer Dropped to Reckless Driving and Obstruction without Violence

Result: No Conviction
2011CF003700NC (SARASOTA)

The Defendant was investigated by law enforcement when they suspected he was in violation of his business purpose license for a pending DUI charge. When the officer began to speak with him he noticed the Defendant had an odor of alcohol, slurred speech and several other indicators of impairment. The Defendant admitted to drinking. The Deputy wanted to begin a DUI investigation of the Defendant of which the Defendant refused to cooperate and then began to resist being arrested. After a struggle and being tased by the Deputies the Defendant was taken into custody where he was charged with multiple felonies and another DUI. AnneMarie Rizzo was hired again by this client to defend his best interests. After a very intense and detailed investigation of the facts of the case, depositions and several meetings with the Prosecutor AnneMarie was able to expose the weaknesses of the case to the Prosecutor resulting in the DUI charges being reduced to a Reckless Driving and the felonies being dismissed.

Categories: Felony Battery
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