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All circuits within the State of Florida have a bond schedule. That means that all offenses have a pre-determined bond or bail that is typically set pursuant to an administrative order within the judicial circuit where your arrest occurs. For example, if the officer arrested you on the charge of domestic battery, you will be held in the county jail for up to 24 hours with no ability to bond out. The rationale for this law derives from the premise that to “protect” the alleged victim from further unwanted contact. Once a Judge, typically at a first appearance or advisory hearing, orders a no contact provision between the accused and the victim, that condition will remain intact until the case is finished. These conditions can be devastating for married individuals with children, especially with daycare or financial obligations. At Finebloom and Haenel, we can immediately order the paperwork in your case and go before your assigned Judge to file a motion to amend your conditions of supervised release. These hearings can be scheduled as quickly as possible and can often be helpful to the case, especially if the victim is unwilling to move forward in the prosecution of the case.

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