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Assualt & Battery In Florida | Frequently Asked Questions

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Our criminal defense firm brings together some of the brightest and diligent legal minds to handle your case. Some of us are former prosecutors while others worked for the public defenders office. That unique combination allows us to understand your case from both sides of the courtroom. David Haenel, the 2004 State of Florida DUI Prosecutor of the Year brings a thorough understanding of the Florida Criminal Laws and Procedures. Several members of our firm speak Spanish in order to assist our clients.

1. What will happen if I am arrested for battery?

There will likely be a bond. If you can afford to bond out you should do so immediately. If you are unable to post the monetary bond you will go in front of the first appearance judge within 24 hours. The Judge will then address what your bond and conditions of release are. More than likely you will be ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim. Please take that seriously, if you have contact with that person you will find yourself back in jail.

2. Should I hire an Attorney?

Absolutely, there are many defenses to a battery charge. We here at Finebloom & Haenel will immediately begin preparing your defense. Whether it is in Tampa, Clearwater, Bradenton or Sarasota, we need to get the evidence in your case right away. Some of this evidence like the 911 call is only kept for 30 days.

3. What if the victim does not want to press charges?

This does not mean that the State will not pursue the charges against you. Obviously what the alleged victim wants is taken into consideration by the State. However, in some instances the State can proceed on a Battery case without the victim. In addition, some State Attorneys will force the alleged victim to testify by subpoena.

4. What if I acted in Self Defense?

Self Defense is a defense to a battery charge. If you were in reasonable fear for your safety or the safety of another the law allows you to use reasonable force in defending yourself or another.

If you have been arrested for battery in the following counties give us a call: Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough, or Orange.

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